Gangsta Granny - Olivier Nominated 2018

Birmingham Stage Company

Neal Foster

The first David Walliams book adaptation for the theatre. This production toured around the UK and then played twice in the West End at The Garrick Theatre and then at The Harold Pinter. In 2018 it was nominated for an Olivier award and it is due to tour again soon. The set design evolved from the necessity for multi location scenes swiftly moving from one to the other. I developed the device to change around the set from Ben's parent's obsession for Strictly Come Dancing. The dances provide the link between changes and involve the scene changes themselves. The set is a series of three 'magic' blocks (reminiscent of buildings in streets) out of which the elements appear to create the scenes. Each element is pushed back into the wall at the end of a scene to become part of the block once more and part of the street.