Billionaire Boy - Olivier Nominated 2020

Birmingham Stage Company

Neal Foster

Olivier Nominated - Best Family Show 2020. This production of Billionaire Boy toured the country during 2019. It stopped in March 2020 due to the Coronavirus lockdown. It may resume the tour when theatres are through the crisis. Billionaire Boy adapted from the book by David Walliams. The story of a father who becomes a billionaire by inventing 'Bum Fresh' loo roll and his son who finds it hard to be just an ordinary kid and to find a genuine friend. The idea for the set design was to make it from stacks of loo rolls in a warehouse and the cardboard boxes in which they are transported. From there the scenes are created by opening various boxes which house elements appropriate to the location. Each element inside the boxes is something you would likely find in a brown cardboard package. Crystal lamps are in the boxes high up which are decorative house lamps. The park is created with litter bins, playground mesh and plants inside several lower boxes. The cast change the scenes by becoming warehouse workers in the factor. The tower of boxes is like a magical advent calendar also serves to hide the helicopter during Act I. In Act II the set opens out more to allow for the park scene and the dining table in the house. Directed by Neal Foster Music by Jak Poore Lighting design Jason Taylor Sound design Nick Sagar Costumes by Costume Associates.